What you SHOULD know about Eyelash Extensions

So you are thinking of having eyelash extensions but then you google it…..you read the horror stories or lash damage, lashes falling out and swollen eyes…..where does that leave you? Back to applying strip lashes constantly.

I wrote this blog based on all the things you read about and also to shed some more depth into those pictures you! The good, the bad and the ugly!

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The first thing everyone asks me before they have eyelash extensions applied is….’are they going to damage my own lashes’
The sweet simple short answer is ‘no’ however I will expand on this… ‘no….IF done correctly.’ There are various things you have to take into account when applying lashes, the correct amount of glue, the correct length of the lash, the positioning of eye pads…the list goes on!
The only way a technician will know this is if they have been trained…correctly!

So let’s smash out what can cause lash damage…
Too much glue: applying too much to the individual extension before application can cause the lashes to stick together hindering your natural lash growth
Lash extension too long or too curled: this is a big one; your own natural lashes are a certain length and can only be extended to a length that your natural lash will support the extension, if you have very short lashes and go for incredibly long lashes the weight of the lash will mean premature lash loss. Your technician should explain this to you!
Not using eye pads: the pads you may see in pictures hold the bottom lashes down and do not hurt when taking the pads off – if tape is used this is cheaper alternative and can cause lower lash damage due to the tackiness of the tape.


You WILL notice your lashes falling out – your own lashes naturally shed so if you see your lash attached to an extension this is perfectly normally.
To keep your lashes looking full top ups or infills are required roughly every 2-3 weeks, this is only valid when it comes to INDIVIDUAL lashes.
This is the one extended lash onto one natural lash. I see it myself where people are offering infills on cluster lashes; this should not be offered and will cause lash damage as cluster lashes are too heavy to keep on continuously.

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In my own personal opinion you shouldn’t be able to tell you have extensions on; people should just be in awe of your beautiful lashes. Think of it is as hair extensions you would not want people knowing you have them in!!

My top 3 things to check:
– is the technician using a one on one lash method?
– is the technician properly trained? if so who with?
– look at previous work and check lash length before & after

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I trained with Angel Eyes lashes which offer one on one full training with FREE refresher training and constant support.
They offer training all over the United Kingdom.

If you want anymore information or just wanted to check something about lashes if you are thinking of having them applied click here to get in touch

Becky x

Makeup Hacks for Busy Mums!

Hey everyone,
I know I may not be a mum myself, however I have friends who are and I completely understand that when you probably used to spend the time ensuring your makeup application was immaculate the reality is, you maybe haven’t got time for that now!

So, I am going to share with your my top makeup hacks to get the most out of your products as well as the speediest techniques going!
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Skin – let’s be honest here – your skin is 90% of your selfie so this is the one, if you need to rock up at the school gates with a little something on I personally would make sure my skin is looking at it’s best….
This product now comes in 5 different shades, for my skintone I love Peachlite, it’s got a gorgeous coral undertone to it so instantly your skin looks more luminous and hydrated without the shine – it’s perfect on it’s own, underneath foundation or a quick dab on the cheeks and you’ve also bagged yourself a brand new cream highlighter too!

In surveys mascara is always the top product that would be the one makeup product people could not live without – I only discovered this mascara in 2017 and I cannot get over how good it is – if you want quickness and thickness go and invest. The brush ensures you are not left with lashes sticking together or a clumpy texture and with one or two coats your eyes are transformed.

This is a great little find, when you want something on your lips but maybe lipsticks a bit too much for picking the kids up from football practice but gloss isn’t going to cut it when your stood in the wind at the school gates – hair on lipgloss (the most annoying thing ever) Dior’s Lipglow will challenge your own thoughts as to how the hell it works!
With a balm texture the colour changes depending on your own natural lip colour – the great thing is you know it’s going to suit you but try with a group of you at the counter and I guarantee it will look different on every single person.


This product is a little gem at just £6 it’s not going to break the bank compared to some of it’s similar rivals but a quick wand over your brows leaves them feeling and looking thicker and darker. You can even spin it round so the tip of the wand is pointing on the brow and create the appearance of any non existent tail ends.


Yes you read write Primark – this concealer is the perfect consistency for blemishes and also the texture works well under the eye area too! If you wanted to make it go further mix in with your strobe cream to ensure a dewy coverage perfect for pin pointing those pesky breakouts or red areas.


This colour has slight iridescent look to it, it’s a great colour if you want to do a quick swipe all over the eye just to create a bit of texture. I would always use a brush to really pack the colour on however if time is really not on your side, press your finger into the colour and use patting motions to build the colour up.

Hopefully these hacks should ensure an easy to create Makeup to do in super quick time

Becky x